Oxbows Off Leash Dog Park

Oxbows Off Leash Dog Park

The Oxbows Off-Leash Dog Park serves as a recreation area for dogs and their owners. The 16-hectare park was designed to mirror the contours of Piper Creek. The park offers winding trails, open training areas, an amphitheater, and an agility park. The park features areas where you can rest and has interpretative kiosks. Dogs and their owners who compete in agility often need a place to practice. The Oxbows Off-Leash Dog Park’s agility area is the perfect place to practice agility. The amphitheater provides an area where dog shows and presentations can take place.

A nice aspect of the Oxbows Off-Lease Dog Park is the small dog area. Small dogs can sometimes be intimidated or even hurt by larger dogs. The small dog area provides a place for small dogs and their owners to take advantage of the park without fear or concern of larger dogs.

Dogs and their owners are welcome at the Oxbows Off-Lease Dog Park provided they can follow a few simple rules. Dogs must be well-behaved and come when called. Dogs also must be up to date on all their vaccinations and interact well with other dogs. Finally, dogs must refrain from chasing wildlife. Dog owners need to keep a leash with them at all times and keep the dogs leashed until they are behind the fenced-in area of the park. Dog owners need to stay within sight of their dogs and keep their dogs under control at all times. Dog owners need to clean up after their dogs and remove their dogs from the park at the first sign of aggression. These rules are designed to keep everyone safe and having fun at the dog park.

The Oxbows Off-Lease Dog Park is a wonderful attraction if you are near Red Deer. Bring your dog and enjoy the park.

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